New Year, New Blog and the Best Lesson I've Ever Learned (From a 4 Year Old Picasso)

January 3, 2019

New Year, new [insert noun here].


This millennial-claimed phrase went from serious resolution, to overused marketing slogan, to Tumblr meme, and back again. But one rule has stayed the same -- if you're going to start something new, it doesn't count unless that new thing is started in a new year.


Good news, though: there are currently 38 local times around Earth, which means we have 38 different new years to choose from!


Right? Riiiight? Wrong, actually.   


We have more. Maybe even infinity. Because as the great (musical) physicist, Prince, once said: "Time is a mind construct. It's not real." 


So, with the blessing of Prince, three days into the "new" year, I'm starting something new. (Fight me if you're mad about it!) 


Welcome to my new blog. Welcome to my brain. (You can click here to play computer games if you're regretting your decision to read this far. You are welcome.)


Why's this new blog worth an entire blog post? Because I've wanted to publish more writing for a long while. And even though time is a construct, I too often get too darn scared by time that hasn't happened yet (some call this the future).


Case in point, here's a list of questions/thoughts that have stopped me from starting things (like writing more) in the past:


*What if it's not purrrfect? 

*The universe will send me a sign when it's time! 

*This would be so much easier if I were a billionaire or Kardashian. 


*Who am I even? 

*Will my fans appreciate it? 

*thank u, next.


But now I realize I was a dumb boy -- or maybe just a human -- for constantly second guessing myself.


I've decided here and now to take to heart the best hidden and existential lesson I've ever received...which was from a 4 year old.


She was coloring on a blank sheet of paper (her style was more Picasso than Frida Kahlo if we're being honest). I asked her what she was drawing, which elicited a death glare that I still have nightmares about. She composed herself, looked back at her masterpiece, and then a small (knowing) grin appeared on her face as she said the following with a transparent overtone of 'you're-an-oaf-not-to-realize-this':


"I won't know until I'm done, okay?"  


BOOM, BOom, boom - cue the explosions in my head. Luckily my mom just then texted she was there to pick me up, so the little girl didn't have a chance to see me cry my refreshed little soul out. 


So yeah, okay, I'm not starting my New Year's resolution of "writing more" exactly at the new year. But the point is: this year I'm gonna start things and not worry too much about what the finished product looks like.


Cause like the little scary Picasso professed to the universe on that day many years ago: you better shut it and trust your 4 year old gut. The new thing will do its thing!  


Baiiii 'til next week,




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