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Advisory & Consulting

artwork by Nidia Dias, using Google Deep Mind AI . so creative, wow. 

As a cultural ideatect and creative spirit, my sweet spot is blending strategy and artistry. My brain is fascinating, imaginative, able to zip between the big picture and micro details, and quick to spot emergent possibilities. So let me help you! And in turn, you can help me (pay rent). But seriously, I find a lot of joy in helping progressive organizations and artists innovate, deepen their impact, express their creativity, and perform more effectively. So check out my advisory, consulting, and coaching offerings below. If anything catches your eye or your intuition tells you to reach out, get in touch.   

Nonprofits +
Impact Businesses

It's all about the people, the planet, and the impact. No matter what we work together on, I'll leverage optimism, empathy-based communication and relationship building, creativity, mindfulness, emergence and living system frameworks, antiracism + equity + inclusion best practices, and stellar project management to build responsive and resilient initiatives.

Organizational Strategy + Planning

Crafting vibrant Theory of Change frameworks, Objectives, and Goals.

Partnerships, Sponsorship, Sales

External collaboration research, mapping, infrastructure-building, and strategy design.

Programs + Campaigns

Research, design, launch, measurement, and innovation for standalone initiatives.


Culture + Collaboration Processes

Employee and partner interviewing, surveying, and engagement for change management and improved processes. 



Mindfulness and empathy-based facilitation design and support for innovation, retrospectives, decision-making, or difficult conversations. 

Creatives + PerformerS 

Artists are instigators of evolution. You are the answer to your work. To help you deepen your creative flow, I'll leverage strengths-based coaching, mindfulness, inspirational resources, empathy, embodied intuition, audience experience, and antiracism + equity + inclusion best practices.


Live Performance Workshopping

Polishing speeches, dance, music, and theatrical performances.

Creative Asset Direction

Feedback and direction on film, video, writing drafts.

Banana Plant

Idea Generation + Alignment

Planting seeds, developing a range of possibilities, and aligning on an energizing idea.   

Flow Coaching

Find your way out of a creative lull, block, or overwhelm.

Impact Integration

Connect your work to a meaningful social or environmental impact outcome. 

Current Rates

My rates are set on a sliding scale. I'm also open to bartering!

Please consider your circumstances and access to resources when making an offer or request for a specific rate. Lower rates are primarily intended for individuals from or organizations led by systemically marginalized and oppressed groups, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; people with disabilities, LGBTQIA2S+, and women. 

My services have value and our partnership allows me to live, create, save, and contribute to my community, so those with the means to do so are encouraged to pay the full rate.  

Individuals and Solopreneurs: $65-100 USD / hour

Small + Medium Organizations: $100-200 USD / hour

Large + Multinational Organizations: $250-750 / hour

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