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artwork adapted from a free piece by Dom J. thank ya, king. 

I'm a fountain of wishes, frustrations, and ideas (a redundant list of synonyms, just think about it for a second or a throuple of years and you'll see I'm not exaggerating). Since I'm overflowing (read: bloated) and executively dysfunctional, please please me by stealing from this list. They're completely free. Well, aside from my request that you update me with your progress so I can vicariously experience doing. Or, if you sincerely want to compensate me for whatever you think my imagination is worth, my rent payment will thank you. 

localized guides & in-person/online cohorts to help people “get started” in a specific city (e.g. NYC)

Jump Start City


personal food and grocery tracker that makes recommendations for recipes based on what you have in stock, what’s expiring soon, etc.

What's on the Menu


online course to walk people through being an adult (health insurance, taxes, debt, budgeting, etc.)

Adulting 101


newsletter content aggregator that organizes all incoming newsletter content in a more digestible way (e.g. events, blogs/links, etc.)

Newsletter Reader


shopping platform for curated product boxes on niche identities & experiences (e.g. first date, new parent, harry styles fan starter packs, etc.)

Starter Pack Me


like queer eye, but five experts come in an help an activist/community leader make their mark

Community Upgrade TV Show


an influencer talent agency that supports & specializes in management for marginalized identities (BIPOC, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, and more).

Influencer Voices


online catalogue of famous and everyday diaries.

Library of Diaries


a real-time catalogue of how people are feeling about current events, organized by topic. Prioritize long-form, diary like entries.

History with Feeling


extremely mini food markets with healthy food, located in food deserts

Pocket Market


persuasive cliff notes for social and environmental issues

Talking Points


coaches daters with resources from being single, to dating, to navigating a relationship.

Full Cycle Dating App


a fully customized, RSS style online retail shop that allows people to build their own department store with only the products from their favorite brands.

MY Store


a school that flips subjects on their head. courses are packaged based on the skill (analysis, creativity, etc.) and integrate the all the different types of content (history, math, science, english, etc.) in each course.

Foundations Academy


streatming/syndication platform that allows people to create their own slate of shows. Different subscription levels with different number of shows. Some free/ad supported content.

MY Channel Entertainment


app that allows you to easily mock up different resumes / documents based on pre-saved blocks of content

Resume/Document Builder


the TEDx for every other conference - live/on-demand panels, keynotes, etc. Monthly subscription or per conference access.

Conference TV


food truck finder app

Lucky Truck


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