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Hi, I'm Christopher, a Houston-raised, New York City-based creative spirit. And (shouting loudly) what a gift it is to be alive! Amidst all the possibilities the universe could have shelled us out, here we are. And every day on this spinning rock we get the chance to connect the dots between our radically unique experiences. I'll start by sharing mine. 

I dream, I grieve, I make, I shape. With flawed and roughed up edges: I get in my head — I analyze; I get in my body — I feel deeply. I learn, and un-learn, and learn, and un-learn. I love to do this and if I won the lottery, I'd learn my way to 360 degrees or forever (whichever is more). But I currently have two, which led me to some pretty cool taxable accolades that you can find on my LinkedIn profile, if that's what brought you to this page. 

My life has been a clearance rack of passions and purposes and idiosyncrasies, some fleeting and others tightly gripped. I'm losing steam as I write this, so I'll just tell my loves to you in plain list form: writing, advocacy + movements, dancing, exploring queerness, longer and longer walks, nonprofits + social enterprises, immersion in nature, sustainability, recommending things to people, thrifting, acting, impeccable food, the south, the northeast, the west coast, the beach, the desert, mega cities, small towns, all the other places my body has travelled 550 miles an hour in a hunk of CO2-emitting metal to get to, flirting, meditating, becoming antiracist, hot water, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, crafting punchlines, the experience of breakfast, TikTok, doing nothing, coming up with business ideas, small talk with strangers, sensuality, taking photos and forgetting to look at them again, imagining what the answer to the universe really is, giving into serendipity, rambling, ...     

Just type this list into an AI and it could probably conceive the rest with some accuracy. Or just ask me

I wrap this monologue up with a summary self-characterization I took a long time to feel okay with, but it's the closest I've ever gotten in so few words:


Who am I?


(n.) someone who shapes the world through a creative architecture of ideas

  • shapes: envisions, produces, reframes, manifests, improves, receives, shows up for

  • the world: culture, movements, art, people, media, government, spirituality, communities, economies

  • creative: collaborative, innovative, inclusive, playful, grounded, strategic, regenerative, dramatic

  • ideas: projects, campaigns, philosophies, manifestos, hypotheses, enterprises, inventions


It's a pleasure to know you. Be curious on your journey!

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